Fact Sheets

Please download and read through the fact sheets below.

Once you have read through the fact sheets please complete the Teaser Task.

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This form is for general enquiries about the competition. If your question requires a personal response, please email us at teacherqueries@kingsleynapley.co.uk

Most popular questions

Where can I change my team's password - we can't seem to find where it is on the site

If there are any problems using or changing passwords, please email us at teacherqueries@kingsleynapley.co.uk and we will sort it out.

Can schools enter multiple teams?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of teams each institution can enter; in fact we are offering a £100 voucher to the teacher who encourages the most students to enter.

Please note however that there is a total limit of 900 teams in the competition this year, so if your school is entering multiple teams, please enter larger teams of 3 or 4 where possible, so that more teams can enter.

When is the Final?

The final will likely be held in late June, but this is subject to change and no firm date has yet been decided. The venue is also to be confirmed, though it will be in London.

When will results and feedback be released?

Feedback will not be released until after all three tasks have been completed. We will however be recording and releasing a video after each task demonstrating the best practice for answering the questions, so that students know where they did well and where they could have done better.

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