Where can I change my team's password - we can't seem to find where it is on the site

If there are any problems using or changing passwords, please email us at teacherqueries@kingsleynapley.co.uk and we will sort it out.

Can schools enter multiple teams?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of teams each institution can enter; in fact we are offering a £100 voucher to the teacher who encourages the most students to enter.

Please note however that there is a total limit of 900 teams in the competition this year, so if your school is entering multiple teams, please enter larger teams of 3 or 4 where possible, so that more teams can enter.

When is the Final?

The final will likely be held in late June, but this is subject to change and no firm date has yet been decided. The venue is also to be confirmed, though it will be in London.

When will results and feedback be released?

Feedback will not be released until after all three tasks have been completed. We will however be recording and releasing a video after each task demonstrating the best practice for answering the questions, so that students know where they did well and where they could have done better.

Is the competition limited to first year KS5 students?

Yes, the competition is for students just entering KS5. This is to ensure that our competition does not impact students’ final exams and to focus on students who are not yet decided on their career/education path after Key Stage 5.

Does the supervising staff member need to be a teacher?

No, any member of school staff or governance can act as supervisor for a school’s entries in this competition, so long as they are over 18.

Can there be more than one supervising staff member per school?

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of teachers who can get involved in this competition. On registration, students can put forward a different staff member to that of another team from the same school.

Can I remove a team?

No, but you can email legalapprentice@kingsleynapley.co.uk with any requests regarding changes to teams and we will sort it as soon as possible.

How do teachers register to oversee teams?

Teachers do not register directly. Students should provide a teacher's email address when they register their teams and we will then contact the listed teacher to confirm their participation, after which we will liaise with them.

When will the teaser task be released?

The teaser task will launch on Monday 9 December.

Is the teacher the only one who has access to the tasks and facts sheets

No, the student portal will contain all tasks and fact sheets when they are posted.

Can you add a member to the team?

If you have less than 4 team members, you can add new members. You will need to email us at legalapprentice@kingsleynapley.co.uk and provide us the name of the team you would like to be changed and the person(s) you would like added to the team. We will then make the requested change and let you know when it has been done.

What are the requirements of the competition?

There are no requirements to enter the competition, besides being a first year KS5 student in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

During the competition, students will be required to complete three tasks in order to be eligible to qualify for the final, each of which will run in two week stages between January and March.

How much time is roughly needed for each task?

Although the tasks have been created to challenge you, we have made the accessibility to resources as straightforward as possible. From last year, we have received feedback that between two to four hours were needed to complete each task. This will of course vary, depending on your level of preparation, but it should not take so long that it interrupts your other study commitments.

Can an International Student from outside the UK participate in this competition?

Yes, International Students may participate so long as they are competing as part of a team from a school or college in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Please note however that this competition is based on the law of England and Wales and so the resources and tasks may not be relevant to overseas based students if they don't plan on later working in the UK.

Are there still spaces available as I am hoping to enter some teams this afternoon

Yes of course, you have until 5pm on 17 December... So hurry!

When the teams log in, does their portal have the teaser task on there and the legal fact sheets?

Currently, teams can only access resources, such as the teaser task and the fact sheets, on The Legal Apprentice website. We are planning to add these resources plus any additional tasks and resources to the student and teacher portals before Task 1 goes live in January.

Why can't I access the student/teacher portal?

If you are having any technical issues with The Legal Apprentice website, portals or resources, please email us at legalapprentice@kingsleynapley.co.uk and we will do our best to sort out your problem.

Late entry - Can a group be entered late?

Yes, but hurry as the absolute deadline is the beginning of Task 1 on the morning of Monday 13 January.

Where does the competition take place

The Tasks of the competition are all completed by the students in their own time wherever they wish to meet. All answer submissions will be online.

The final is the only part of the competition where students are expected to attend in person, and that will occur at a place and time to be confirmed, most likely in late June and definitely in London. Kingsley Napley will cover the travel and accommodation expenses of all finalists, so there is no need fo schools to worry about spending money.

Why can't I access the Task 1 help videos?

The Task 1 help videos are hosted on YouTube. Supervising teachers might therefore need to speak to their school IT technicians about allowing access to the links. Alternatively, students may need to meet outside of school to view the videos on another network.

Will students be eliminated during the competition?

Until the final, the only students who will be eliminated from the competition will be those who fail to submit a task before the deadline.

When you click on Start Task 1, will you have the opportunity to review or change your answers before hitting the final submit button?

You have two weeks to complete Task 1. During that period, you will have unlimited access to the resources and the questions. Once you have entered the task, you are free to exit again without answering the questions. You must therefore only submit your answers once you are happy that they are final, because they cannot be changed once they have been submitted.

If you go on start a task does it mean you can’t come back to it?

You can enter and exit the task as many times as you wish, so long as you don't submit answers. Once you have submitted your answers, you cannot re-enter the task.

Do you need to complete the task in one go?

You do not need to complete the task in one go, but it should be noted that answers cannot be saved and may only be submitted once. Therefore, completing the task in one sitting would be the most efficient method.

Where is the teaser task?

The teaser task is still available and now allows you to see the correct answers. If you wish to access it, you can do so on the Legal Apprentice website, as it has been removed from the portals to make way for Task 1.

What to do when login doesn't work? I have already tried password reset.

If there are any issues logging into the portal, please email us at teacherqueries@kingsleynapley.co.uk and we can help.

There doesn't seem to be a video about dispute resolution for the first task, only Media Law. Is that correct?

Media Law and Dispute Resolution law are grouped together in this task as Media Law is merely an area of law covered by our Dispute Resolution team. We created a separate fact sheet due to the specific nature of some of the questions in Scenario 3, which required more detail than would have been appropriate in the Dispute Resolution fact sheet.

Do all members of the team have to complete the task on each of their portals, or does one student per team need to do it?

The task is to be completed on the team's account in the student portal. Obviously, we cannot enforce whether all team members are present when the task is completed, but that is what should happen. After all, two to four heads are better than one.

When will the second task be released?

The second task will be released on Monday 27 January.

If team members drop out, can a student compete alone?

No, students cannot compete in The Legal Apprentice as solo entries. If there are issues with the majority of a team pulling out, please email us at teacherqueries@kingsleynapley.co.uk and we will see if we can find a solution.

Where can I access the tasks?

The tasks can be accessed in the student portal, along with any supporting resources to help you improve your responses. If you have any issues accessing the student portal, please email us at teacherqueries@kingsleynapley.co.uk and we can help.

What are the prizes?

The prizes are listed on the homepage of this website.

How many tasks are there in total?

There are three tasks in total, not including the Final which will be contested by the best four teams from the three main tasks. A PDF timeline for the tasks can be found on the homepage of this website.

How are the finalists chosen?

Each of the three tasks is scored out of 60, giving a maximum potential mark of 180. The four teams which amass the most points in total over the course of the three tasks will qualify for the final.

How do we know if we got past the first round?

All teams which completed the first task will be eligible to contest the second round. We will be providing supervising teachers with the information regarding which of their teams completed Task 1 and which didn't when we launch Task 2.

I was just wondering how and when we find out our scores for the first round of the competition?

All scores for the three tasks will be released after the tasks have all been completed.

How many people can be in a team?

Teams must consist of no less than two members and no more than four members.

When will the Feedback from Task 1 be released?

Feedback from Task 1 will be released with all other feedback from the others tasks after all of the tasks have been completed and marked.

Are we permitted as a team to use external research material to help supplement our answers?

You may use additional research to improve your response, but the markscheme has been designed around the resources we provide, so there is no extra credit awarded for additional research. The resources we provide form the basis of the markschemes for our tasks, so these should be the main focus of your preparations for each task.

How do I know if I got through to the next task?

If you submitted an answer to the task, you are eligible to continue on to the next task. If you are unsure about whether you submitted your answers or not, try logging into the student portal. If you are eliminated from the competition, you will see a message informing you of this.

Will there be rankings on which group is the on top?

After all of the tasks have been completed, the final scores will be tallied up and the top four teams will qualify for the final. All teams will receive their total marks with feedback on their answers, and will be given an indication of how they performed relative to the other teams. We will not however be publishing a full table of rankings.

Is the final going to be somewhere we have to go to? If so, where will it be?

The final is live and will require finalists to attend in person, though any costs associated with travel and accommodation will be covered by Kingsley Napley. Non-finalists will be welcome to attend at their own expense to watch the final from the audience. The location of the final is not yet confirmed, but it will definitely be in London.

What if 2 of the 4 people in your group are not participating?

It is fine for team members to drop out of the competition, so long as at least two people are still left in the team. In the event a team members drops out, please email us at teacherqueries@kingsleynapley.co.uk to let us know. It will not affect your team's progress in the competition.

Where can I find the video after each task demonstrating the best practice for answering the questions?

The best practice videos will become available once all tasks have finished. We will send out an email to teachers when these videos become available.

Could i complete the video without every team member being in the video?

The video needs to include all team members unless there is a valid reason, such as illness or a team member dropping out of the competition. In these cases, please email legalapprentice@kingsleynapley.co.uk and let us know the situation. If we know in advance, you won't be penalised.

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