Teacher guide

The support of teachers is vital and we are very grateful for your interest and valuable time.

We have made it as simple as possible for you to facilitate the competition tasks so that your students can showcase their skills and talents. If you have any queries, comments or feedback on any of the activities and competition rounds, please let us know by contacting: teacherqueries@kingsleynapley.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The main purpose of the competition is to educate and inform young people from all over the UK about what a solicitor does and what skills are useful for a career in law. Whether the students enter as a team or not, we hope that you and they will find our materials and resources useful and educational.

The competition is designed to test the students’ skills and teachers should act as facilitators only – and not do the work for the students!

What teachers can and should do:

  1. Introduce the students to a career in law and encourage them to complete the teaser task that will become available in early December.
  2. Remind students of the materials and useful tips available on the Student Portal and Resources page.

What teachers should not do:

  1. Draft responses to activities or assist with the drafting of responses.
  2. Proof-read written answers before they are submitted.

Please note: The materials on the resources pages are in no way purporting to be a comprehensive analysis of any of the areas of law they cover. They provide a high level overview of various legal concepts which the students will be tested on for the purposes of the Legal Apprentice competition.