Welcome to the Teaser Task

Our firm, Kingsley Napley LLP, is an internationally recognised law firm based in London. We have eleven practice areas (departments) which allow us to provide legal support to a wide range of clients. Below are examples of the kind of situations our clients might find themselves in when they come to us, your task is to work out which practice area can best support them.

To help, we recommend you look at the practice areas on our website and the fact sheets, which will also be very useful once the competition starts on 13 January 2019.

Your client, an MD at a large paper manufacturer, needs to prevent his fellow director from accessing funds in their business account as he suspects her of dishonest behaviour.

A serial entrepreneur wants to set up employee incentive schemes. Where would you send her?

Your client is complaining that the building works taking place near his house has affected the amount of light coming through his windows. Who can help?

Your client would like to change his name by Deed Poll. Who can help?

An article appeared about your client being arrested for indecent exposure which turned out to be mistaken identity. He is finding it difficult to gain employment and wants the article removed from Google searches.

A Head Teacher at a local school has been accused of professing his love for a student in year 12. The pupil has some graphic messages on his phone allegedly sent from the teacher that he has shown to the police. The Head Teacher needs advice. What can we do to help?

Your American client wishes to come to the UK for business reasons but she has a criminal conviction. What team would you refer her to for advice to maximise her chances of being allowed in?

Your client who owns a large shopping centre is being investigated by the prosecuting authorities in respect of fire regulations. Who can help him?

Two of my colleagues have raised grievances against me and claim that I have behaved inappropriately towards them on a number of occasions. They have raised this with my employer and I am worried that they may go to the police. I am a solicitor and I’m worried about my job and reputation.

An existing client (owner of a recruitment agency) would like a review of their information handling policies to ensure that they can demonstrate compliance with the GDPR. Who can help them?

Your client, the owner of a business with a turnover of £42m has been asked to audit their supply chain and warrant that they are complying with applicable laws and labour standards in relation to modern slavery and trafficking. Who can help them report accurately?

Please note that sometimes multiple departments may be able to assist on a matter, however, one may be better placed than another. We have therefore weighted the marking to reflect this. TRY AGAIN